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Working on brake cylinderAuto Magic has direct access to the largest range of brake components and parts in Canada. With direct access to over 38000 brake related parts alone, Auto Magic is biggest single specialist source of brake parts in the country.

Best Buy Distributors

Through our sister company Best Buy Distributors, Auto Magic provides you with the right part to suit any vehicle plus ensure all parts meet or exceed world or vehicle Manufactures standards.

Asbestos Free

The big news in 2003 is the total removal of asbestos in Brake Linings. (Pads and Shoes). Asbestos has in the past been the single best product for friction control however we all know the dangers that have developed with the abuse and use of Asbestos in building and commercial applications.

While less of a worry, Asbestos in Brake Linings has thankfully been officially banned from Manufacture and supply in Canada from the end of 2003. The characteristics of non asbestos friction material is that they tend to dust up a little more than the older materials. However buying the right quality product such as Wagner will help minimize this feature